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    Kamen Rider 1 SHODO-X -4. Cyclone (A-side) & 5. Cyclone number (B-side)-

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    The new SHODO series [SHODO-X] the motorcycle has joined the lineup, and the rider also powered up the modeling and moving mechanism.

    - It is possible to enjoy the view of the world together with the Cyclone issue by lineup of [old No. 1] [Old 2] already released in [SHODO Masked Rider VS 1].
    - Furthermore, it can reproduce [New No. 2] and [the cyclone No. 2 for the former No. 2] by the expansion set.
    - The play as a series action figure will expand more.
    ※ [Cyclone] is completed by combining two points of A · B.

    - What is SHODO-X
    Food toys figure model series with a height of about 100 mm [SHODO].
    A new series that further inherited the concept of the series and further brushed up the cultivating shaping power, the mechanism of movement.
    A new [motorcycle] is added to the lineup, and it is possible to reproduce the action with dynamic feeling.

    - Lineup (6 types in total)
    1. Kamen Rider Old 1
    2. Kamen Rider Old No. 2
    3. Kamen Rider Old 1 (Sakurajima Ver.)
    4. Cyclone (A-side)
    5. Cyclone number (B-side)
    6. Expansion set (Cyclone No. 2 for No. 2 and others)
    ※ [Cyclone No.] is completed by combining two points of A-side · B-side.

    - 1 Ramune Candy

    - Material
    Doll set: PVC · ABS

    - Size
    Body: H about 100 mm × W about 35 mm
    Motorcycle: about H65 mm × about W 125 mm

    Item Size/Weight : 24.5 x 14.5 x 12 cm / 464g