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Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary [Vital Bracelet Characters Showa 10 Masked Riders PBandai / Kuuga / VBM Card Set Vol 1]

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Title: VB Set 50th Edition

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Kamen Rider series, the "Vital Breath Characters Kamen Rider 50th Edition", which is a set of the "VBM Card Showa 10 Great Rider" limited to this product, is now available.
This product is a wearable terminal type toy that trains and changes characters based on activity data such as heart rate and steps.
Also come with normal set and additional Dim Card for add on!!

"Vital Breath Characters Kamen Rider Set" is now available from the wearable LCD toy series "Vital Breath" that allows you to develop and evolve your character according to your heart rate and number of steps .

It has a built-in NFC chip,
and auto-battle is possible by touching an NFC-equipped smartphone that is in a state of emitting radio waves or an IC device such as a card reader in the city with an application or the like .
You can also manage the characters you have raised by using the dedicated app "Vital Breath Characters Lab".

(All items other than those included with this product are sold separately.)

[Set Contents For Vital Bracelet Characters Kamen Rider 50th Edition <PBandai Exclusive>]

  • Vital Breath Characters (Kamen Rider 50th Edition) Main body - 1
  • VBM card Showa 10 Masked Riders -1
  • VS VBM card - 1
  • Charging cable - 1
  • Instruction manual -1

[Set Contents For Vital Bracelet Characters Kamen Rider <Kamen Rider Kuuga>]

  • Vital Breath Characters - 1
  • VBM Card Kamen Rider Kuuga - 1
  • VS VBM Card - 1
  • Charging Cable - 1
  • Instruction Manual - 1

[Set Contents For VBM Card Set Kamen Rider vol.1 <Kamen Rider Zero One & Kamen Rider Horobi]

  • VBM Card Kamen Rider Zero One SIDE: There - 1
  • VBM Card Kamen Rider Zero One SIDE: Ark -  1

[Set Contents For VBM Card Kamen Rider Kuuga]

  • VBM Card Kamen Rider Kuuga  - 1

■ Product features
① Nurturing and changing characters according to heart rate and step count data
This product has a built-in heart rate monitor function and pedometer function, and the character on the screen changes depending on daily activities. As your heart rate and steps increase, the characters on the screen change more strongly.

(2) Responds to IC devices such as smartphones
This product has a built-in "NFC tag" that can be linked to IC devices such as smartphones. By touching an electronic payment machine such as a smartphone or a card reader in the city that emits radio waves, a copy rider will appear on the screen, and you can auto-battle with the Kamen Rider you are raising.

(3) Training management and storage is possible with a
dedicated app It is possible to save and manage character training in cooperation with a dedicated smartphone app.

④ Expand your play with
the linked item "VBM Card" By using the separately sold linked item "VBM Card", you can increase the number of characters that can be trained.

If you load the VBM card that comes with the main unit into "Vital Breath Characters", the character "HUMAN", which is PHASE 1, will appear in Vital Breath. By wearing Vital Breath on your arm, adding your character to your daily activities, and performing missions centered on various exercises, you can develop into various Kamen Riders.

■ How to play the product
The vital value (state) and mentality of the character fluctuate according to the user's activity data (heart rate / steps), which leads to changes.
Auto-battle is activated by touching "Vital Breath" on an IC device that emits radio waves, such as a smartphone. The winning percentage of the battle changes depending on the activity status of the user and the mentality of the character, and affects the development and change of the character.
Characters can be saved in the app by linking with the dedicated smartphone app.

The character's change branch changes depending on the vital value, win rate, and number of missions completed above. One of the pleasures is the change branch that changes according to each user's activity. It is possible to develop your own character through your own activities.

The evolutionary branch of a hero depends on the vital values ​​mentioned above, the winning percentage, and the number of missions completed. One of the pleasures is the evolutionary branch that changes according to each user's activities. It is possible to develop your own hero by your own activities.

■ Interlocking item "VBM card" that expands play
The "VBM Card" series (sold separately) is an interlocking item that expands the play of this product. By linking "VBM Card" to "Vital Breath Characters", you can expand the characters that can be trained.
The data of characters that can be trained differs depending on the "VBM card", and new characters can be trained as many as the number of "VBM cards". The "VBM Card" series will continue to be developed in the future.

* The Vital Breath Characters body included in this product is the same as the Vital Breath Characters included in the "Vital Breath Characters Ultraman 55th Edition", "Vital Breath Characters Ultraman Set", and "Vital Breath Characters Kamen Rider Set". It is a specification.

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