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Kamen Rider High-Quality Paperboard Art Selection 1

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Kamen Rider's Shikishi is reborn as a [Selection] series !!

―This colored paper that condenses the charm of Kamen Rider in the size of 135 mm in length × 120 mm in width, this bullet is also delivered with all 24 types drawn down !!
―The first is the release of [Kamen Rider OOO], which we can't wait for the release of V-Cinext, with `selection` =` selection`!
―Of course, all 12 pieces of Ooo's 11 combos with ankh added are newly drawn + foil stamping specifications!
―In addition, the more you collect 12 backgrounds with the new specifications that are connected side by side, the more you will be immersed in the world view of OOO!
―Furthermore, the remaining 12 species will have Legend Riders as before!
―Please look forward to the follow-up report!

-One mini colored paper (24 types in total)

-1 Ramune confectionery