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Kamen Rider High-Quality Paperboard Art Ver.6

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Title: Single Pack (Random)

The 6th edition of Kamen Rider's mini colored paper collection is here!
A collection item with a beautifully drawn illustration printed on a mini colored paper measuring approximately 135 mm (vertical) x 120 mm (horizontal).
There are 16 types of colored paper drawn with two types of touches, "ink painting style" and "dramatic style" unique to colored paper.
This time, 8 kinds of rare colored paper with foil stamping specifications are included! Two of them are special specifications with double gold foil stamping and silver foil stamping.

● 1 Gum Candy

● Mini colored paper 1 sheet (16 types in total)
1. Kamen Rider Zero Two
 [Golden foil stamping]
2. Kamen Rider Rampage Vulcan
3. Kamen Rider Burning Falcon
4. Kamen Rider Souther
5. Kamen Rider Omazou
6. Kamen Rider Build Rabbit Dragon Form
 [Gold & Silver W Foil]
7. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 2
8. Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker Gold Extreme
 [Gold & Silver W Foil]
9. Kamen Rider Baron Banana Arms
10. Kamen Rider Delta
11. Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Mighty
12. Kamen Rider Zero One
  "Reiwa The First Generation" BATTLE1 [Golden Foil Stamping]
13. Kamen Rider Zero One
  "Reiwa The First Generation" BATTLE2 [Golden Foil Stamping]
14. Kamen Rider Wizard
  "Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle of the World" [Golden foil stamp]
15. Kamen Rider Oze
  "Red crack and satisfaction and Eiji's device" [Golden foil stamp]
16. Kamen Rider Ryuki
  "13RIDERS" [Golden foil stamp]

(C) Ishimori Pro, TV Asahi, ADK EM, Toei
(C) Ishimori Pro, Toei