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Kamen Rider MG Figure-rise Masked Rider 1

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The origin of the series - Rider No. 1, finally appeared in the MGF!

- This year, also said the origin of the Masked Rider celebrated its 40th anniversary, in its initial design FIGURE-I RISE! New modeling and design every detail the differences between the new No. 1 ahead of the release.
In the MGF can be reproduced if a large force riders Kick Stand and range of motion!
- To faithfully reproduce the difference between the new No. 1! ... Reproduce the differences in the new No. 1 and antenna, with no initial mold
Gloves, masks are completely new modeling, protruding reluctance reproduced, realistic riders belt
The initial boot of the mold-free, comes with muffler for action, fixing accessories scarf.
- Masked Rider's fight for freedom and human Shocker!
- No. 1 ... No. 1 Masked Rider, the Rider] since the 14th story of a leading role
Rider No. 2 to the baton. And depart the overseas when it re-appeared after the original return
Have different design details, such as masks. Differentiation also its No. 1 earlier versions of
Sometimes referred to as 'Old No. 1'.

- Equality (right)
- Flat hand (left)
- Fixing muffler
- Muffler for action
- Pedestal

Item Size/Weight : 21.1 x 20.2 x 11.3 cm / 567g