Kamen Rider Sound Progrise Series SG Progrise Key 07

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The seventh most important item of [Masked Rider Zero One], the 7th edition of the food toy version of the progrise key series!

-In addition to playing the sound separately, the SG PROGRAMISE key can also be set to play with the separately sold [DX Hiden Zero One Driver] !!
-Also, you can play in conjunction with [Kamen Rider Battle Ganba Rising] and lottery gashapon [Kamen Rider Buttoba Soul].
-This bullet is a lineup of popular 4 major riders from the Heisei Legend rider who has not yet cooled down!

-1 item (4 types)
1. Climb counting double programming key
2. On-staging game progress key
3. Tire changing drive progress key
4. Level Up Ex-Aid Program Key

-1 ramune candy