KMC Sleeve Neo Mat Standard Size 80pcs ~ Black

Card Barrier series are produced with carefully selected Japanese materials and by high-level processing technology. This series has achieved a great reliability and high evaluation among all card game players. The Neo Mat Series is a low gloss, smooth backed, less slick sleeve perfect for tournament use.

Sleeve Size: 66mm x 91mm

Sleeves Per Pack: 80 sleeves

Thickness: 0.1 mm

Number of sheets:  80 sheets

- Card Barrier [Neomat Black] is a completely new card sleeve that uses a new material and achieves processing that is hard to scratch while the surface is smooth.
- As familiar with hands as you use it, I feel confident that you can patronize a wide range of card game players feeling a bit different from the feeling of gritty of hyper mats.
- The color is black.