Kotobukiya Tokyo Ghoul ARTFX J "Ken Kaneki" (AWAKENED Repaint Ver.)

Pre-order, Estimated Arrival December 2024

*This item is a reproduction of ARTFX J Ken Kaneki AWAKENED Repaint ver. from 2018, with a different SRP than its previous release.

From Tokyo Ghoul, which gained popularity with its serialization in Weekly Young Jump and hit it big with anime adaptations in 2014 and 2015, the half-ghoul protagonist Ken Kaneki joins the ARTFX J lineup.

Kaneki, who throughout his experiences and struggles in the story comes to accept himself as a ghoul, has been sculpted in a bold, dynamic pose.

The distinctive mask that hides all but his kakugan and reddish-black glowing kagune that protrude from his back give him a chilling presence.

This statue encapsulates everything Kotobukiya can share with the world in the ARTFX J series! Add this definitive Tokyo Ghoul figure to your collection today.

*The coloring of the kagune has been updated from the 2015 release version of this item.