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Love Live! Sunshine!! Sleeve Collection High Grade Vol.1081 -"Kanan Matsuura"

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Product Description ■
The popular Bushiroad Sleeve Collection High Grade No. 222! The
long-awaited sleeve of the TV anime "Love Live! Sunshine !!" Aqours members are wearing summer clothes that are perfect for the season!

"Sleeve Collection What is High Grade?" With
the introduction of silver film, the coloring is dramatically improved and the characters are printed beautifully compared to conventional silver printing sleeves. !
also is a high-grade sleeve than ever its expressiveness by Kira processing.

[Product Details]
1 pack: 60 pieces
Size: 92 x 67 mm
Material: PP + silver film Made in Japan Front
: Transparent, Back: 5 colors printed (4 colors + white)
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