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Love Live! Sunshine!! Sleeve Collection High Grade Vol.1119 - "Mari Ohara"

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Product Description ■
The popular Bushiroad Sleeve Collection High Grade No. 228!
A sleeve with the long-awaited stage costume from the TV anime "Love Live! Sunshine !!"
Aqours members of "Is your heart shining?" Costume are now available!

"Sleeve Collection What is High Grade?" With
the introduction of silver film, the color development has been dramatically improved compared to the previous silver-printed sleeves. Beautifully printed!
It is also a high-grade sleeve that has been given a sparkling finish to enhance its expressiveness.

[Product Details]
1 pack: 60 sheets
Size: 92 x 67 mm
Material: PP + silver film Made in Japan Front
: Transparent Back: 5 colors printed (4 colors + white)
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