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Luck & Logic Sleeve Collection Vol.5 - "Jack-o'-Lantern Yukari"

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Product Description-
Halloween Supply Collection is now available from Bushiroad's trading card game "Luck & Logic"! In the
Sleeve Collection Special, "Jack O Lantern En" is now available.
One foil PR card with the same pattern as the sleeve is included in the package.
Since the difference in the illustration of the box privilege PR gate cards of the first, second and third booster packs will be re-
recorded, it will be easier to start Laclogi with the gate cards!

What is High-grade Sleeve Collection?
With the introduction of silver film, the color development is dramatically improved and the characters are printed beautifully compared to conventional silver-printed sleeves!
It is also a high-grade sleeve whose expression is enhanced by glitter processing.

[Product details]
Sleeve: 1 pack (60 sheets)
Foil push gate (gate) PR card: 1 sheet

Size: 67 x 92 mm
Material: PP + silver film Made in Japan
Surface: Transparent Back: 5 colors printed (4 colors) + White)