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Mailes Reiki Kai (Kyoukai Ssenki) HG 1/72

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Product introduction Weapon set that integrates each special armament of the "Amaim Warrior" series is now available!
Equipped with any combination, the original armament arrangement of the plastic model is enriched!

- 10 types of armed sets that you can enjoy through the series of plastic models of HG Amaim Warrior.
- Includes weapon racks and hand parts that can hold each weapon.
- By using the weapons in the play, HG Meiles Byakuchi can also arrange a variety of equipment combinations!


・ 60mm portable cannon (multi-magazine type) x 1
・ Arm super heat swing type battle claw x 1
・ Battle dagger x 1
・ 120mm double sniper gun x 1
・ 2 armored grenade cannons
・ Joint parts for armored grenade gun x 2
・ 45mm rapid-fire pistol x 2
・ Left hand gun holder x 1
・ Super heat shaking type Naginata x 1
・ Brady Hound exclusive rifle (equipped with grenade launcher) x 1
・ Brady Hound Knife x 1
・ Brady Hound Dedicated Sword x 1
・ Weapon rack x 1 set Safety warning Not applicable Safety warning Not applicable

Dimension: 30 x 19 x 5 cm