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Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame 11

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Title: Gundam Prototype No.1 Armor & Frame Set (31A & 31F)
The 11th installment in the G frame!
A high-spec Gundam figure completed by attaching armor to the frame.
A wide range of motion is secured by the frame mechanism.
Built-in gimmick that can display even armor separately.
The 11th bullet is a powerful lineup of "Gundam prototype 1", "Jin" and "Full Armor Gundam 7"!
In addition, the second popular Dom was re-recorded with replacement parts for Rick Dom!
It will be luxuriously developed with all 8 types.
● 1 colored model (8 types in total)
1. Gundam prototype No. 1 armor set
2. Gundam prototype No. 1 frame set
3. Ginn Armor Set
4. Ginn frame set
5. Full Armor Gundam Unit 7 Armor Set
6. Full Armor Gundam Unit 7 Frame Set
7. Dom Armor Set
8. Dom frame set
● 1 Chewing Gum

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