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    Monster Hunter Figure Builder Creator's Model "Fatalis"

    Since its appearance in the first series "Monster Hunter", "Kuroryu Miraboreas" has been kept secret as a "contraindicated monster". 

    The information was lifted at the turning point of the 15th anniversary of the series, but it was this product "Capcom Figure Builder Creators Model Kuroryu Miraboreas" that started the project at the same time. Aiming for a figure that has overwhelming volume and delicate details that surpasses the creators' models so far, the passion and many years of the people involved in the production have been spent. And in December 2021, the legendary black dragon finally appears ...

    A legendary dragon whose name has been handed down for a long time.
    From the mural paintings that remain in various places and the oral traditions transmitted to the dragon people, it was speculated that it transcends nature, but the
    substance could not be confirmed and it remained a legend. When humans were at their peak, they destroyed a kingdom overnight and settled in the castle, proving its existence, but none of the investigators returned and eventually became an exclusion zone. It has become a legend again.

    The name is said in various meanings such as
    "Battle of Destiny", "Unleashing Destiny", and "Beginning of Destiny" in various folklore, but the existence including all of them is "Mira Boreas".

    - H approx. 32 cm (bottom of pedestal-tip of wings) 
    - W approx. 47.5 cm (both wings) 
    - D approx. 42 cm (tip of pedestal-face)