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Monster Hunter Figure Builder Standard Model Plus Vol.14

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Title: Single Box (Random)

The main monsters from
"Monster Hunter World: Iceborn" are included! The 14th "Standard Model Plus" includes the main monster "Iverkana" from "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn"!
Also, in addition to the two newly-molded "Radbarkin" and "Volganos", "Bazergius (red heat state)" that reproduces the red heat state with coloring is recorded!
In addition, the highly dangerous "Nergi Gante" is recreated with a metallic finish!
In addition to this, it is on sale with a lineup of all 6 types, including 1 type!
Furthermore, the bonus figure that will be completed when you collect the bonus parts is the "Iverkana" Clear Ver.!

Number of types: All 6 types of Capcom + bonus parts
Specifications: Colored figure + pedestal + bonus parts
Material: PVC, ABS
figure Body size: about 100 to 150 mm height
Base size: about 75.5 to 87 mm (hexagon)
Package: Paper box (blind) Format)

Bonus figure come with 6pcs part separately in all the single box.
Purchase whole display of 6 boxes to complete your collection plus additional a bonus figure.

* Product images are currently in production. It may be slightly different from the actual product.
* Figure images are in production. It may be slightly different from the actual product. * Auxiliary parts are included with "Nekigante".
* 1 box contains 6 pieces, and the contents are random. It is a blind package specification that you can not choose the type of monster at the time of purchase.