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    Naruto Shippuden Petit Chara Land: - Summoning Techniques!


    Estimate Release Around Late June 2021

    A selection of popular characters from Naruto Shippuden are coming back to the Petit Chara Land series.

    The set is the first in a series that includes a selection of characters all known for their summoning techniques, and have all been repainted due to popular demand. Be sure to add the adorable figures to your collection!

    Product size
    Overall height about 45mm

    Product specifications
    -Colored finished figure

    (1) Naruto Uzumaki
    (2) Minato Namikaze
    (3) Kakashi Hatake
    (4) Gaara
    (5) Nara Shikamaru
    (6) Uchiha Sasuke
    (7) Uchiha Sasuke -Sharingan

    (C)岸本斉史 スコット/集英社・テレビ東京・ぴえろ