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Naruto Shippuden -Look Up Series- "Kakashi Hatake"

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■Product details: Colored figures
"NARUTO Shippuden" is now available in the "Rukappu Series", which has been a hot topic since the series started! "Rukappu" is a coined word based on "look up", a new figure series featuring cute gestures that look up at you and look at you. The "Look Up & Sitting Pose" makes it easier to see when compared to a normal figure when it is displayed on a desk. The neck is movable and you can enjoy it with different expressions. The total height is about 110 mm and it has a lot of volume. If you decorate your room, you can enjoy the presence of your favorite people. "Uzumaki Naruto" and "Kakashi Hatake" will be released at the same time, so if you line up together, you will have a wider view of the world.

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(C) Masashi Kishimoto Scott / Shueisha, TV Tokyo, Piero

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