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New Kamen Rider 1 Ultimate Article (50th Anniversary Edition)

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Light up effects! Sound effects! The New Kamen Rider 1 Ultimate Article is back in a special updated version to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of New Kamen Rider 1 - the series aired in Spring 1972 meaning it has been half a century since its inception. The model stands an impressive 40cm in height and features unrivalled details, light-up effects and all new voice effects!
There are two effect settings that can be switched on via a switch on the base. The first setting causes the C-Eye and O Signal to light-up and plays the Rider transformation sound effects! The second setting causes a speed increasing spinning light-up effect on his Typhoon transformation belt and then the instrumental version of the "Rider Action" music plays for 150 seconds! The new version also features an all-new sculpt for the head - featuring the bright metallic green coloring of the later edition of the mask, increased detail and improved texture of the Crusher, all while maintaining the iconic shape.

The base includes two stickers to select from - either the series logo or the Tachibana Racing Club emblem. Enjoy the perfect model together with awesome light and sound effects of the series that has entertained children and adults alike for half a century right in your collection!

Pre-Painted Figure with Light-Up and Sound Effects. Interchangeable Arm Parts Included. Approx. 400mm in height. Batteries sold separately.

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.