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One Piece Card Game The Navy Starter Deck (ST-06) (Japanese)

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Trading card game (TCG) released by Carddass and licensed by Shueisha. First announced March 7, 2022, this card game will be released in Japan in July 2022 as part of One Piece's 25th-anniversary celebrations. The game will be released worldwide later in 2022.

Cards feature full-color illustrations of characters from the manga. Cards will have different attributes and point values, but full details have yet to be revealed.

The new color "black" is available first time! Many popular characters from Navy are recorded!

Debut of the new “BLACK” single color start deck!

-The Navy-
-The Navy-
-The Navy-
-The Navy-


Show the pirates justice by knocking out the opponent's characters!

A super manipulative deck that can lower your opponent’s cost and knock out your opponent’s low cost characters!


Reduce opponent’s cost down…
arrowKnock out low cost characters!!

This deck features cards that have cost-related effects such as “reduce the cost of opponent character cards” and “Knock out character cards that is below a certain cost”.
Control the cost to defeat your opponent!

・ 1 set of pre-built decks (51 cards)
・ Don! 10 cards
・ 1 play sheet

(C) Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha / Fuji TV / Toei Animation