One Piece Figuarts ZERO [EXTRA BATTLE] "Gol D. Roger" -God Escape-

In the "Super Fierce Battle -EXTRA BATTLE-" series with flashy effects and dynamic poses, "Gol D. Roger" who shoots Kamusari has appeared! !!

From the Figuarts ZERO "Super Fierce Battle -EXTRA BATTLE-" series, "Gol D. Roger" is now available! Expressing that surprising moment when Kogetsu Oden was slaughtered with "Kamiyasu" with a lively pose and an impactful effect using clear parts! !!

The moment when the pirate king Gol D. Roger shoots "God Escape" on Kogetsu Oden, the moment when the lightning shines is three-dimensionalized with a clear effect and a powerful pose!
* Please use the attached dedicated pedestal for the display.
* "Figuarts ZERO [EXTRA BATTLE] Kogetsu Oden" in the image is sold separately.

■ Product specifications

Overall height: Approximately 230mm
Material: Made of ABS, PVC

■ Set contents

・ Main body (including effects)
・ Pedestal