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    One Piece Mega Cat Project -Nyan Peace Nyan! I will be the Pirate King!-

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    Nyanko boom has arrived! ?? MEGA CAT PROJECT has started, in which all the popular characters from "One Piece" are transformed into "cats"! The mascot has a cute size with a total length of about 30 mm that fits in your pocket, and each has a character sheet. The more you collect, the more fun you can recreate.

    (1) Monkey D. Luffy
    (2) Roronoa Zoro
    (3) Sanji
    (4) Tony Tony Chopper
    (5) Trafalgar Law
    (6) Shanks
    (7) Sabo
    (8) Portgas D. Ace

    (C) Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha / Fuji TV / Toei Animation