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One Piece Plastic Model Kit Chopper Robot 4 Chopper Drill

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A robot vehicle themed after Tony Chopper from One Piece. Requires no tools to build and snaps together like a gundam model kit. The robot models can combine to form various configurations. If you collect all 5, they can form a mighty giant bi pedal robot!
  • A new lineup in the motif of Chopper from One Piece comes out. 
  • Make Chopper Robots into the most powerful unit by collecting 5 models. You can also have fun combining any 2 models. 
  • Adopting touch-gate, no tool is required. 
  • Includes a standing Chopper and a sitting Chopper. 
  • Chopper's expression can be changed in two ways by exchanging the parts. 

- Runner x5
- Color sticker x1
- Instruction manual x1