One Piece Portrait.Of.Pirates "Nami Ver.BB Rasta color" [Limited Edition]

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Nami dressed in special color costumes for the "POP One Piece "LIMITED EDITION" Ver.BB (bathing beauty) series" will be available for limited resale! 
The dazzling proportions are the same as before, but the figure is a three-dimensional figure wearing a raster-colored T-shirt and a metallic orange swimsuit that resembles the Crimin brand designer "Pappag" knit hat.
The painted figure with a total height of about 130 mm is a gem filled with the charm of POP.
Don't miss "Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece "LIMITED EDITION" Nami Ver.BB_Rasta color", which has a tropical atmosphere. !

Complete Painted Scale Figure. Approx. 130mm in Height.