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One Piece Portrait of Pirates P.O.P. -Warriors Alliance- "Soba" Mask

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The mysterious hero "Soba Mask", the No. 3 "Stealth Black" of "Evil Army Germa 66", will appear dashingly in the POP One Piece "Warriors Alliance" series, which is in great shape.

Dressed in a jet-black raid suit created by Germa's chemical power, it has become a long-awaited gem of fans that has been three-dimensionally reproduced with high quality modeling and coloring while keeping the OP image image of the TV animation that runs vigorously from the splendid hero landing I am.
Fans, regardless of gender, please enjoy it at hand. Don't miss it!

Product size
- Overall height about 215mm (up to the tip of the cloak)
* 205mm to the fingertips

Product specifications
- Colored finished product figure
- Dedicated pedestal