One Piece Thousand Sunny Flying Model Grand Ship Collection

-The Sunny issue of the emperor penguin costume that appears in the movie version "ONE PIECE STAMPEDE" soars into the sky!

-Original design realized by the tag of BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Division and Toei Animation!
-The emperor penguin mask parts are reproduced separately with eye stickers and colorful color coding!
-The pirates' mark is reproduced with a Kinas seal!
-Penguins wings are movable! Comes with cute tail parts reminiscent of penguins.
-The shape of the emperor penguin's foot parts is also cute!
-Two types of display bases are included, one for placing and decorating and the other for decorating in flight. A wavefront effect is also included.

[Accessories] -Penguin
wings x 1
-Gaon gun strengthening parts x 1
-Emperor penguin mask parts x 1
-Foot parts x 1
set-Wave surface effect x 1 set
-Display base x 2

[Product details]
-Molded products x 9
・ Wheel seal × 1
・ Penguins seal × 1
・ Instruction manual × 1