Pokemon Center Haunted Pokémon Village: Pansage Creeping Vines Tea Shop Figure

Tricks & Treats in the Haunted Pokémon Village!

The Pansage Creeping Vines Tea Shop is open late! Zorua, Turtwig, and Pumpkaboo see who can get to the door first, while Sinistea gives Pikachu a little scare nearby, and Goomy takes a breather in back. Add some whimsical Pokémon fun to your Halloween and seasonal decor with this detailed and eye-catching figure that's full of personality.

  • Features Zorua, Turtwig, Pumpkaboo, Pikachu, Sinstea, and Goomy, plus other Pokémon looking out the windows
  • Each figure is delicately hand-painted to highlight the details in the scene; natural variations in paint may occur
  • Part of the Haunted Pokémon Village collection
  • Pokémon Center Original