Pokemon Picture Book "Rotom"

- Pokédex of the new series, Rotomu picture book that Pokemon has become picture book!
- Starting to adventure together with Rotomu! Attempt to register the 100 animals of the picture book information looking for Pokemon!

- Rotomu and communication! Talking 550 or more!
- [Pokemon search! ] 3D sensor mounted in the action that actually move the Rotomu picture book, Daso looking for a Pokemon that are hidden in the field!
- When the [Pokédex] successful Pokemon search, register the Pokemon information to the picture book! Rotomu takes care describes Pokemon in a variety of chat.
- About the Rotomu note] of new Arora local and Satoshi our adventure, Rotomu will tell the secret information!
- Quiz challenge from the Pokemon quiz] Rotomu! It will be more information to more Pokemon!
- [X ring linked] can further fun 4D experience and together to play! Energy also is charged in the ring!

Item Size/Weight : 20.2 x 15.2 x 5 cm
Copyright Nintendo/Creatures/GAME FREAK/TV Tokyo/ShoPro/JR Kikaku
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