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Pokémon Plastic Model Collection "Mewtwo" & "Mew" & "Pikachu" Set

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A special set of Mewtwo and Mew who are active in [The Movie version Pokemon Mewtwo's Counterattack EVOLUTION] and a limited metallic color!

-Miu-Tu moves his tail up and the right-hand goes up! You can reproduce Mewtwo's cool pose.
-Add new shadow ball effect parts. Be lined up!
-Miu is Pokepla first three-dimensional! You can pose in the air on the supplied pedestal.
-Add a crying face seal in addition to the face seal that normally and motivates Pikachu. You can make expressive Pikachu!

・ Display base for Mito x 1
・ Shadow ball effect × 1
・ 1 for shadow ball effect base
・ Display base for Miu × 1

[Item content]
・ Molded articles × 7
・ Foil seal × 1
・ Instruction manual × 1
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 5.1 cm / 235g