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Pokemon Scale World Hoenn 2

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Title: 1 Plusle & Minun & Castform & Swablu

The 7th figure series that expresses 3D on a 1/20 scale with the concept of reproducing the world where humans and Pokemon coexist.

――This is the second installment in the Hoenn region, which is the setting for the [Pocket Monster Ruby Sapphire] and [Pocket Monster Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire] series.
-In addition to Haruka Yuki, the main character of [Pokemon Ruby Sapphire], there are 9 types of Pokemon that expand the world view of the series.
――A total of 11 types, 9 types of Pokemon and 2 types of Pokemon trainers.

--Colored figures (6 types in total)
1. Plusle & Minun & Castform & Swablu
2. Ralts & Kirlia & Himbus
3. Gardevoir
4. Altaria
5. Haruka (RS ver.)
6. Yuki (RS ver.)

--1 chewing gum