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    Pokemon Scale World Johto


    -This is a complete set of 8 types from [Pokémon Scale World Jouto].

    -Pokemon can be three-dimensionalized on a 1 / 20th scale and can be arranged in a wide range of volumes, from a small size that can be pinched with your fingertips to a large size that fills both hands.
    -This product has a total of 15 bodies at once, such as the initial 3 bodies in the Jouto region, the main character's hibiki, and the difference between Sonance's male and female and Annon's G and S.

    -15 colored figures (1 set)
    1. Chicorita & Efi
    2. cypress & magmarashi
    3. Alligator & Blackie
    4. Annong (G) & Sonnance (male of male)
    5. Special [Annon (S) & Sonance (Female Suga)]
    6. Pichu & Togepi & Apam
    7. Bakuhoon
    8. Hibiki

    -8 chewing gums

    Item Size/Weight : 21 x 18.5 x 12 cm