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Pokemon Shodo 5

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Title: 1 Ulaos-Ichigeki

The 5th Pokemon of the movable figure SHODO series is now available.

――This bullet has 5 types of Pokemon from each region: [Ulaos (Ichigeki no Kata)] [Uraos (Rengeki no Kata)] from Galar, [Sceptile] [Salamence] from Hoenn, and [Steelix] from Johto. lineup.
-A total of 6 types of lineup including [Expansion Parts Set] that enables even more powerful poses for each Pokemon.

--A set of pre-painted figures (6 types in total)
1. Ulaos (Ichigeki no Kata)
2. Ulaos (Rengeki no Kata)
3. Sceptile
4. Salamence
5. Steelix
6. Expansion parts set

--1 chewing gum