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POP MART Skull Panda Hypepanda Series

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Title: Single Box (Random)

The wait is over!😎 SKULLPANDA HYPEPANDA SERIES is here in a 🔥BIG 🔥 way! 💜

Express yourself through these stylishly dressed fashionistas 💃

Whether you’re into streetwear, vintage, pastel, or any other style, Skullpanda challenges you to make your own fashion statement 🔥

Don’t ever be afraid to show the world who you really are 😎, Hypepanda Style 👩‍🎤💜!

*May Have Secret*


Blind Box Rules:

  1. Blind Box refers to the type of packaging that keeps the collectible toy as a mystery until it is opened. Blind boxes typically come in series that shows a collection; some figurines are rarer to find than others, these are referred to as "secret", "hidden" or "chase" figures.
  2. A whole box contains no-repeated figures. If there is a secret figure in the box, one basic figure will be randomly replaced by it.