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Re-Ment Crayon ShinChan Theater

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Title: Single Box (Random)

Kasukabe Defense Corps, sunflowers and whites often watch movies!
As a cut-out accessory, we have a lineup of miniatures of that masterpiece movie poster and pamphlets with lots of famous scenes.
Please connect them side by side and decorate them!

1, Henderland's Great Adventure x Shin-chan
2, mystery meki! Hana no Tenkas Gakuen x Kazama-kun
3, sleep! Yumemy World Great Assault x Nene-chan
4, Appare! Sengoku Taisen x Bo-chan
5, Moretsu! Counterattack of the Adult Empire x Masao-kun
6, jungle that calls a storm x sunflower, white

--All 6 types, no secret
--Contents: Figure