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    Re-Ment Kirby of the Stars Kirby's Dream Land -Chef Kawasaki`s Sweets Party-

    A combination of stars Kirby and sweets [characters are crazy for sweets made by Kok Kawasaki] is a figure.

    - Lineup is popular boss characters such as maholoa and metanite, familiar Wadorudi, Wadorudou and enemy characters are main.

    1, Maglor × pumpkin pudding
    2, Meta Knight × Fondant Chocolat
    3, Bandana Waddle Dee × apple pie
    4, Waddle Doo × Soufle pancake
    5, Marx × Ichigo mousse
    6, King Dedede x Dream Fountain Ice Cream
    7, Kirby & Squishy x fruit tea
    8, Kirby & Gordo x blueberry cheese cake

    - All 8 types, no secret
    - Contents: Figures
    Item Size/Weight : 20.8 x 14.6 x 9.7 cm / 430g