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    Re-Ment Kirby of the Stars Kirby's Dream Land -Pupupu Festival-

    - It is a Kirby miniature figure of a star that imagined a festival to be held at Pupupland.
    - We have a unique line-up of festivals such as shooters and cotton candy.
    - You can have Kirby with your face and food, each side can be replaced.

    1, Today is a festival! Eat it!
    2, popular! Shari'hari Ai Shaked ice
    3, original ancestry! Delicious ♪ Gordeaux Castella
    4, special made! Have fun! Cracco Cotton candy
    5, A little retro faces
    6, boast taste! Hot teppanyaki of Berninoleo
    7, aiming for deluxe prizes!
    8, It's a festival! It's a drum! Den in Deide!

    - All 8 types, no secret
    - Contents: Figures, Mini seat

    Item Size/Weight : 20.7 x 14.6 x 12.1 cm / 395g