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Re-Ment Kirby of the Stars Kirby's Dream Land Terrarium Collection -Game Selection-

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Title: Single Box (Random)
The third popular terrarium collection is based on the theme of successive popular game titles!

-GAMEBOY version of the first [Kirby of the Stars] has an unprecedented sepia color and a cute retro design.
-Nostalgic titles such as [Kirby Bowl] and [Kirby Air Ride] are also available.

1 Tomorrow is Tomorrow's Cold (Star Kirby)
2 Battle of Dream Fountain (Kirby of the Stars Dream of Dream Fountain)
3 Hole in one! (Kirby Bowl)
4 City Trial-Hikou (Kirby Air Ride)
5 A traveler from far away Mahoroa (Kirby Wii)
6 Let`s Make Friends! (Star Kirby Star Arize)

-6 types, no secret
-Contents: Figure

Item Size/Weight : 21.5 x 14.5 x 10.5 cm / 585g