Re-Ment My Melody's Strawberry Room

Title: Complete Set of 8
A figure that completes a cute room full of my melody and strawberry items.
――Includes exciting items such as online shopping on your tablet and remote tea party on your computer!
-It is a product full of play elements that you can make your own scrapbook with the attached sticker.

1, challenge a new outfit
2, Ichigo-san, how are you doing today?
3, I like sweet things!
4, I have a lot of favorites
5, I have a lot of things I want
6, leisurely tea time
7, I just make a long phone call
8, I have to go to bed

--All 8 types, no secret
--Contents: Figure, mini sheet, gum (1 piece)

Item Size/Weight : 24.5 x 14.5 x 12 cm / 505g