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Re-Ment Pokemon Desktop Figure -So Cute-

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Title: Single Box-Random
-Desktop figure of Pokemon with the theme of [so cute].
-A cute, pop-like Pokemon with a useful element such as a stamp stand and a business card stand will decorate the desk area cutely.
-Powerful work effect colors the desk colorfully.

1, Pikachu (Speed Star) / Stick stand
2, Marill (Mizunoha) / multi tray
3, Vulpix (business card) / business card stand
4, Slowbro (Dowasure) / glasses stand
5, Sylveon (moon force) / pen stand
6, Plusle & Minun (hosp perus) / memo stand
7, Whimsicott (Watashi) / Stand
8, Mew (magical Shine) / multi tray

-All 8 types, no secret
-Contents: Figure, Gum (1)
Item Size/Weight : 20.8 x 14.6 x 12.2 cm / 480g