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Re-Ment Pokémon Forest

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Title: Single Box (Random)
- It is a figure that imagined the figure that Pokemon spends happily in the forest.
- As well as decorating with a single body, you can rearrange each lineup freely and you can make it a big tree if it's all 8 types.

1, Pikachu
2, Rowlet
3, Bulbasaur & Oddish
4, Elekid & Bellossom
5, Teddiursa
6, Pichu
7, Pigeon
8, Celebi

- All 8 types, no secret
- Contents: Figures, gum (1 piece)

* One stamp part common to all kinds is attached to every lineup.

Item Size/Weight : 24.5 x 14.7 x 12.2 cm / 770g