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Rebuild of Evangelion Sleeve Collection [World Famous Quotes] - "Meichuu Kakuritsu 99.9999% desu"

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Product Description ■
Mega-hit anime that has caused social phenomena without losing its popularity since the 1995 TV anime broadcast.
"Evangelion New Theatrical Version" is being developed with a new setting and story as theatrical version.
Always from this title, which is showing the upsurge, is appeared in that chopped the famous words "Broccoli sleeve protector" Quotations of the world ","!

The number to more great become the 80 pieces from 60 pieces!
Important Protect your character sleeve by adding a quote.

Broccoli sleeve protector is completely domestically produced!
Original melt-cut sealing finish is used, and it is a high quality sleeve protector that is difficult to salmon and warp!

[Product details]
1 pack: 80 pieces
Size: 68 x 93 mm
Material: OP / CP film
front: 3-color printing Back: transparent