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Saint Cloth Myth EX Dragon Shiryu (Final Bronze Cloth) (Completed)

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-[Roshi! All the power you have given is here now! ] [Dragon Shiryu (Final Bronze Cloth)] appears in Saint Cloth Myth EX following Pegasus Seiya !!

--[Saint Cloth Myth Dragon Shiryu (Final Bronze Cloth)] released in 2005 has appeared in Saint Cloth Myth EX after 17 years. A model that has been significantly revised with reference to the drawings in the play. Includes a wealth of optional parts that greatly expand the range of play value.

-The ultimate special move [Lushan Hyakuryuha] shown at the climax in the play can be reproduced with the range of motion and modeling unique to the Saint Cloth Myth EX series!
-Proportions that have been thoroughly verified based on the drawings in the play.
-Two kinds of powerful replacement hair are included, and you can reproduce the masterpiece scene in the play!
-Comes with replacement wrist left and right that can reproduce the Excalibur with the soul of Shura.
-This product and a replacement wrist for the separately sold [Saint Cloth Myth EX Capricone Shura <Revival Version>] are included, allowing you to recreate the impressive scenes in the play.
――A sense of unity in the sacred clothes and a dynamic pose are possible. Its Special Move [Lushan Noboru Ryuha] is firmly decided!
-In addition to the normal face, 4 types of replacement facial parts (screaming, smiling, closed eyes, screaming closed eyes) are included.
――Similar to the existing series, it can be recombined into an object form.

[set content]
・ Main body
・ A set of sacred clothes
・ A set of object frames
・ 4 types of facial expression parts for replacement
・ Replacement wrist left and right 3 types each
・ Replacement bangs parts
・ Two types of replacement back hair parts
・ Two types of wrists for handshakes (for Shiryu and Shura)