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Shaman King Lucrea Series "Anna Kyoyama"

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I'm the goddess of victory who leads the leaves to Shaman King no matter what kind of enemy comes-From the popular TV anime "SHAMAN KING", "Anna Kyoyama" is three-dimensionalized with Itako's Yurushi tool [1080] !!
The pedestal with the image of Mt. Osore and the spread of [1080] create the space of the figure, and by exchanging the head parts, you can enjoy it in your favorite state in the bandana state and the muffler state.

By lining up with "Lucrea SHAMAN KING Yoh Asakura", which will be released separately (reservations will be accepted soon), the world view will expand.

Product size
Overall height about 160mm

Product specifications

-Colored finished product figure
-Replacement head parts
-Dedicated pedestal