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ST. Iris Gakuen Girls High School Winter Clothes "Ritsuka Saeki"

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The bright green bolero that matches the skirt is cute! Ritsuka is now available in winter clothes.

 Special point!

[New hairstyle]
Loose bun hair is included as a completely new model ♪ You
can enjoy a total of 4 hairstyles with Ritsuka's trademark long ponytail, braid, and long hair.
Four types of facial expression parts are also included, so you can create four sets of the head.

[Tights Ver. and Knee High Ver. Leg Parts]
We have prepared new leg parts for the tights ver. to match the winter clothes. Of course, there is also a sitting pose with legs crossed.
In addition, the same knee-high version as the summer uniform is also included, so you can change clothes as you like.
*The skirt parts are shared between the tights version and the knee-high version.

[Pre-painted parts]
In addition to the expression parts, the gold buttons on the waist and the white lines on the skirt are already painted, so just assembling it
will give you a finish that is close to the finished image.
*There are some parts that need to be painted by the customer in order to reproduce as set.

[Ankle parts with shoes removed]
Due to many requests, ankle parts with shoes removed are included. Now you can play in indoor situations.

[13 types of wrist parts in total]
We have prepared wrist parts with various expressions to expand the range of poses.
In addition to the 7 types that came with the summer clothes, there are 6 completely new types: "Piece A", "Piece B", "○ Mark", "Pointing B", "Ijiiji", and "Heart with Both Hands".
Pointing B is definitely useful for idol-like poses.

[4 types of facial expression parts]
The winter clothes come with 4 types of "smiling face", "shy face", "embarrassed face" and "crying face".
We have a lineup of interesting expressions that were not found in summer clothes. Please play in combination with summer clothes.

[Water transfer expression decal]
Comes with "unpainted expression parts" and "water transfer expression decals" that are great for those who want to paint and finish.
The contents of the decals are "front facing", "right facing" and "left facing" for each of the four facial expressions.
Using them in combination will give you a richer look.

[Bangs parts compatible with eyeglass parts]
One bangs part compatible with the separately sold "After School Glasses Set" is included.
Ritsuka wearing glasses is also fresh.

1) Ritsuka Saeki x 1 set
2) 4 types of hairstyle parts
"ponytail", "loose bun hair", "long hair", and "braids" x 1 set each 3
) Bangs parts x 4
4) Glasses parts compatible
5) Braid parts for action poses x 1 set6
) Facial parts (pre-painted type) "Smiling face", "Shy face", "Embarrassed face", "Crying face" x 1 each 7) Facial parts
( Unpainted type) "Smiling face", "Shy face", "Shy face", "Crying face" x 1 each 8) 13
types of wrist parts "handle (normal)", "handle (narrow)", "handle (wide)" "Holding hand (circle)" "Grip hand" "Pointing hand A"
"Open hand" "Piece A" "Piece B" "○ mark" "Pointing hand B" "Ijijiji" "Heart with both hands" x left and right
* The heart with both hands is modeled with one part on the left and right.
9) Leg parts (knee high Ver.) x 1 set
10) Ankle parts with shoes removed x 1 set
11) 3 types of skirt parts "Normal type" "Navigating type" "Sitting type" x 1 each *
Sitting type When using it, use a dedicated thigh part.
12) Sitting thigh parts (tights ver.) x 1 set each
13) Sitting thigh parts (knee high ver.) x 1 set each
14) Smartphone x 1 set
15) Backpack x 1 set
16) Display base x 1 set
17) 6mm diameter neck part compatible with Megami device x 1
18) Water transfer facial expression decal x 1