Sugumi Kanagata "Ga-shin" Plastic Model Kit

- [Sumi Kanagata [Gashin]] Plastic model with Megami device specifications!
- A new collaboration between the popular social game [Alice Gear Aegis] and [Megami Device] is now available!
-Another version of the popular actress Suzumi Kanagata [Sumi Kanagata [Gashin]] Plastic model with Megami Device specifications!

- As an enclosed privilege, a [present code] that can be used in the game is also included!
- Pyramid is in charge of character design, and Kanetake Ebikawa is in charge of gear design!

- Renewal of the body of Sumi Kanagata [Gabaki].
- This is the first 3D model for `Anthony`, which has already been implemented in the game. In addition, new SP `Magnum Ops` is included.
- You can reproduce the complex color scheme of the in-game design as much as possible by finely dividing the parts, and you can enjoy it even without painting.
- Fully equipped with rifles, one-handed swords, various gears, and new SP weapons!

-[Megami Device] is an assembly type plastic model series that you can enjoy by attaching weapons and armor to the movable beautiful girl body.
- The body is based on Maki Asai's ``Machinika'' and reproduces the characteristic ★4 another costume.

- Comes with a gift code for Suzumi Kanagata [Sumi Kanagata ★ 4 gear set, etc.].
- Comes with 3 types of pre-painted expression parts.
- The new costume has movable side skirts for smooth posing.
-The new big size SP `Magnum Ops` incorporates a transformation and coalescence mechanism, allowing you to enjoy three forms.
- Completely reproduce the deformation of the top gear. In addition to various dedicated gear, you can play with various combat scenes such as rifles, one-handed swords, and SP weapons.
- [Armed mode] equipped with special gears and [Elementary mode] without gears can be reproduced by replacing parts.
-Compatibility of 3mm diameter joints and heads placed in each part allows use with existing [MSG] [Frame Arms] [Frame Arms Girl] [Hexa Gear] [Sosai Shoujo Teien] [Arcanadia] series and each part .
- Decals such as eyes and markings are included.

[What is Megami Device]
-This is a plastic model series that assumes a ``near-future battle hobby'' where there is a self-standing figure robot with a total height of 14 cm, and you can make it like a plastic model, remodel it, and make it fight.
- Various designers will work on the characters and mechanics, with the body `Machinika` designed by Maki Asai, the leading figure of movable figures, as the core.
- The molding color is color-coded, and the face is pre-painted with tampo printing.
- By adopting a 3mm diameter joint hole, you can play with many of the Kotobukiya plastic model parts that have already been released, as well as parts compatibility within the series.

- Prototype production: Maki Asai, Tokuho Fukumoto, Unitech Co., Ltd., Tasuku, Toriyama Toriwo