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Tally-Ho No.9 Circle Back Spectrum Playing Cards

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The SPECTRUM deck is not a trick. It's a UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL deck of cards which CAN be used in many magic effects. 

The SPECTRUM deck is the worlds only official Tally Ho® rainbow deck! What does that mean exactly? 54 Cards, 1 Back Design, 54 different colored backs 

The cards are manufactured by U.S. Playing Card Company, on high quality stock with the "Linoid Finish". Custom Jokers and a custom Ace of Spades have been designed for this deck as well and yes, there is a built in "reveal"! 

About the Cards:

  • 51 standard face playing cards
  • 1 custom designed Ace of Spades
  • 1 custom designed regular Joker 
  • 1 custom designed guarantee Joker w/reveal 
  • 2 special gaff cards 
  • Premium quality Tally Ho® stock 
  • Custom tuck box 
  • Specially packaged in Si Stebbins stack order