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Tamagotchi Smart "Sanrio Characters" - Special Set (Electronic Toy)

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- [Tamagotchi Smart Sanrio Characters Special Set] is now available from the Tamagotchi [Tamagotchi Smart] series, the first wearable type in the Tamagotchi series!

- Enjoy the world of Sanrio Characters!
- A luxurious special set of Tamagotchi Smart in collaboration with Sanrio Characters.
- Comes with a limited color Tamagotchi Smart body, Tamagotchi Sanrio Characters, and an original strap with a limited design.
- If you insert the memory of [Tamagotchi Smart] into [Tamagotchi Smart], you can see the training characters that collaborated with Sanrio Characters and
――You can download various items that can change the style of Tamagotchi Smart.

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- Tama Suma Card Sanrio Characters
[Limited data that can be downloaded]
・ Nurturing characters ... 10 characters
・ Rice ... 4
・ Snack ... 4
・ Odogu ... 4
・ Accessories ... 4
・ Living room ... 4
・ Clock design ... 3
・ Mini game ... one

[Set Content]
・ Tamagotchi Smart Sanrio Characters… 1
・ Tama Suma Card Sanrio Characters ... 1
・ Original strap… 1
・ Charging cable… 1
・ Instruction manual… 1

[Batteries Used]
・ Lipo x 1 (included)

(All items are sold separately except for the set contents included with this product.)