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The Battle Cats Card Wafer Vol. 6

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Title: Single Pack (Random)

The second soft vinyl mascot series of the popular app game [Nyanko Great War]!

――The lineup mainly focuses on popular cats that appear in app games and manga.
――You can enjoy reproducing the game screen by arranging the three-dimensional cats side by side.
--All 14 types, with chewing gum.

--One colored soft vinyl doll (14 types in total)
1. 1. Cat builder
2. Cat cover
3. Brave cat
4. Beautiful leg cat
5. Cat giraffe
6. Cat UFO
7. Cat whale
8. Cat dragon
9. Nekodarabocchi
10. Nekomut
11. Metal cat
12. Momotaro
13. Kasajizo
14. Giving back the vine

--1 chewing gum