Tiny Session [VF-25G] "Messiah Valkyrie (Michael Use) With Ranka" Completed

A new brand of new collection figures with deformed mecha and characters is born! A set of [VF-25G Messiah Valkyrie (Michel machine)] and [Ranka] is on sale from [Macross F]!

The new brand [TINY SESSION] is a collection figure series with a new innovation that is a set of deformed mecha and characters. A fun session with a mecha with a built-in amazing gimmick and a cute character with a tiny size in various ways! A special pedestal for expanding the collection is also included. As a launch item, we have a lineup from [Macross F], which is very popular in the Macross series.

- [TINY SESSION] The first memorable set is Messiah Valkyrie (Michel machine) and Ranka from [Macross F]! A set of Messiah Valkyrie (Alto machine) and Cheryl is also on sale at the same time.
- Small and cute products Comes with a character minifigure with an original design!
- Messiah Valkyrie is small but firmly transformed into three stages! The head for the Battroid form is a replacement specification.
- Characters and mechas have fun sessions in various ways ♪ If you use joint parts for characters, you can stand on the pedestal. It is also possible to decorate the cockpit with joint parts for characters. If you use large replaceable hand parts and joint parts for characters, you can put it on the palm of Valkyrie.
- Comes with a pedestal and joint parts that can be displayed in three forms.
- Arrange the pedestals and fly in formation with the separately sold [VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie (Alto) with Cheryl]!
- Armed parts for gun pods and shields, and large replacement hand parts are also included!

[Set Content]
・ Main body
・ Head for Battroid
・ Gun pod
・ Character figure
・ A set of pedestals
・ A set of joints
・ Replacement wrist left and right
・ Fold speaker
・ Marking sticker

Height: approx 100mm.


*Item estimated to arrive in 2-3 months after the official release date.
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