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Ultraman Converge Motion

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Title: 1 Ultraman
[CONVERGE MOTION Ultraman], which is a deformed figure of Ultraman and monsters based on an impressive pose scene, is now available!

--Recording popular Ultraman and monsters of each generation of Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa!
――Ultraman and Gomorrah, Tiga and Evil Tiga, Zet and Zero are poses that are supposed to be displayed side by side.
--A total of 7 types of lineup including 1 secret type!

--One set of pre-painted figures (7 types in total)
1. Ultraman
2. Ultraman Tiga Multi-Type
3. Ultraman Z Alpha Edge
4. Ultraman Zero
5. Gomorrah
6. Evil Tiga

--1 chewing gum