Ultraman S.H.Figuarts "Ultraman Tiga Multi Type" SHINKOCCHOUSEIHOU (True Bone Carving Method)

The long-awaited "S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Tiga Multi Type" is now available in the true bone carving method for the 25th anniversary year of Ultraman Tiga!

Ultraman Tiga multi-type appears in S.H.Figuarts by the true bone carving method.Under the supervision of LSS modeling, the body of Mr. Gondoh, a suit actor at that time, was scanned and the body was converted into data.The prototype was modeled by Mr. Minoru Narita, who was involved in Tiga modeling at that time.We use a soft material that allows you to take the characteristic poses of Ultraman Tiga.

Based on the data obtained by scanning the body of Mr. Shunsuke Gondo, a suit actor at the time of Ultraman Tiga broadcasting, the suit modeling of Tiga at that time called Gondo Tiga is reproduced.

The face is shaped by Mr. Minoru Narita, who was involved in the modeling of the Tiga Dyna Gaia series at that time under the supervision of Tsuburaya Productions modeling department LSS, and reproduces the mask modeling of Tiga, which is slightly asymmetrical on the left and right.

By adopting soft materials for the shoulder armor part, abdomen, and pants parts of the upper body, various poses that imagined in the play are possible.A wide range of poses is realized by adding the range of motion of the upper arm, knees, neck and ankles. The attached wrist is modeled based on the scan data of the palm that Mr. Shunsuke Gondo gave to him, and the shape of the wrist is reproduced close to the image at that time.

Total length: about 150 mm
Material: Made of PVC, ABS, TPE

■ Set Contents

・ Main body
・ Replacement wrist left 6 types, right 5 types
・ Zeperion ray effect
・ Replacement color timer
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